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Client Testimonials

This is my endurance horse, "Kaleidescope."  She is a 10 yr. old 1/2 Arab/Saddlebred.  We found Blaine St. Peter 2 years ago spring 2008.  Prior to that, I had given Kaleidescope the winter off because she had come in sore after a 25 mile LD ride in Moab Utah.  I determined that she had just been a little too long in the toe for the deep sand that we encountered.  I treated it as a soft tissue strain and she had from November - February to rest.   I had her x-rayed to check the joint in the affected leg before I put her back to work.  Luckily there were no issues with the joint.  Subsequently, I decided to try to allow her to remain barefoot all of the time and to use easy boots when necessary.  I felt that she would be better off if she could find the path of least resistance by staying barefoot.  Another endurance rider recommended Blaine for the trimming and fitting of the easy boots.  Blaine came out and trimmed and fitted her to the boots and it took several rides and adjustments to get a good fit (they had the cable adjustments).   Blaine was prompt and accomodating and made sure it was a perfect fit.  He did not charge extra for the additional trips to re-fit the boots.  Now, I rarely have to use the boots because the horses' feet are in such great condition from the natural barefoot trim that they rarely chip or show signs of riding wear and tear.  So, here we are 2 years later, Blaine now trims all 8 of my horses, from young colts to wild mustangs.  Blaine has a very natural, easy going style and is exceedingly patient with the horses.  The horses immediately take to him and several have overcome foot-handling fear issues while in Blaine's care.  My mustang mare did 30 miles in the Rawahs this summer, barefoot, and came back with the most beautiful looking feet I've ever seen.  Thanks to Blaine my horses now all have "happy feet" and I am one happy horseowner. 
Thank you Blaine !
Lyn McCormick,
High Noon Farm, 
Fort Collins, Colorado 



My husband and I own and run On A String Ranch a horse boarding facility in Laramie , Wyoming currently boarding over 60 equines. We first learned about the barefoot movement from a Natural Barefoot Trimmer called Bob Masters while living in Australia . He handed us a copy of Pete Ramey’s book and we haven’t contemplated shoeing since. Moving back to the States I was worried we may not be able to find anyone like Bob, so I took to doing what I could myself. I was thrilled to discover Blaine St Peter living not too far away in Colorado . Blaine visits us on a regular basis and has worked wonders on horses that were surely heading for big problems from years of being in shoes. My Arabian gelding Flamboyant Beau travelled 500 sanctioned miles this endurance season barefoot over every kind of terrain with just occasional booting. He came in the top ten on most rides and scored a couple of wins.

We are thrilled to have such a thoroughly dedicated and competent barefoot specialist looking after our horses. Right now out of 60+ horses only three are shod!

Ronda Eden


February 17,2010
I had been having lameness problems with a 5 year old paint gelding in the spring of 2007. I had already read Pete Ramey’s book and was looking for someone in the area to help me when I was introduced to Blaine. When I called him he immediately came out and pulled the shoes and did a setup trim( I thought at the time I was doing the right thing by keeping my horses shod)and started to introduce me to some amazing ideas that would change the way I cared for my horses feet forever. It took approx 9 months to grow a well connected hoof and he has been sound since. Blaine said it is a pretty simple concept:
Diet (high quality, low sugar hay, with a good mineral supplement) horses aren’t designed to eat grain
Environment (pea gravel and try to keep your horses moving in a paddock paradise)I would never put my horses in a stall again
Proper trimming every 4‐6 weeks
Blaine is such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to understanding what is going on with your horse and getting you on the right track to a healthy sound barefoot horse. From time to time I travel with him so I can keep learning about natural hoof care and find more and more all the time the countless number of horses he has literally saved. Don’t always believe what your so called farrier or vet recommends when it comes to caring for your horses soundness. Blaine has far more knowledge and experience when it comes to your horses feet. He has spent the time and money learning from the best in the world.
Dan and Kim Shald
Wellington, CO


   Considering Barefoot? Don’t even think twice, go for it!  My husband Richard and I went to ride their land with Blaine and Lynn when we discovered barefoot care.  I’ve shown and trained horses for years.  Richard has ranched and roped for years.  We both have always had our horses shod and would never consider not doing this until we met Blaine .  Even after he explained it to us we were both very skeptical about this.  However we were going into the time of year that we would not be riding and thought, let’s try it!  Oh my goodness I can’t even begin to tell you how great our horses feet look, how much better my horse travels and is smoother to ride.  Richard has taken his horse in very rough terrain to gather cattle and just puts the rubber boots on the front feet and away they go.  It’s amazing, we only eat organic food and take great care of ourselves, so why in the world were we putting steel on the bottom of our horses feet?  I highly recommend Blaine , he is also quite and easy around horses, they love him!


Tami K. Spaulding, GRI, CRS,


The Group, Inc., Real Estate
375 E. Horsetooth Rd.
Fort Collins, CO 80525






I have been a believer in barefoot hoof care for several years now.  I attended a Pete Ramey clinic in the North Texas area.  It got me wondering if barefoot could help me with my never-ending lameness issues.  My horses have been barefoot for about 3-4 years now. The horses have gone from having 1 or 2 abscesses (or gravels) each per year to NONE.  I was thrilled to find out that Blaine was going to get his education from Pete as he had made a big impression on me.   I ALWAYS have Blaine trim, evaluate and advise me on my horses’ feet when traveling through Colorado on my twice-yearly trips.  Although my horses are doing well, Blaine is wonderful.   You guys are fortunate to have him in the Northern Colorado area!

Bonnie Glasgow

Business Coordinator for Jack Brainard


Pilot Point, Texas



   I know that BayBay has not had any dramatic lameness issues, but
   I still think you are the greatest farrier I have ever had!  Thank you for all you do with my horse (even though you don't have to trim her very frequently and don't make a ton of money off of me).
Best regards,
Ginny Schmit