Owl Canyon Hoof Care and Rehabilitation

Blaine St. Peter Ft. Collins, Colorado             970-420-5496 


Extended Care Services

On Site Hoof Rehab only 20 minutes north of Ft. Collins, CO

If you have a horse that has a serious founder or laminitis issue and would benefit from being in an ideal natural environment for an extended duration we offer boarding with a daily protocol to advance your horses' return to soundness. This includes trimming and or booting by Blaine as needed, low sugar hay , Stay Strong Mineral Pellets and other supplements as indicated, daily hand walking your horse in boots and pads or barefoot . The horse will have access to pea gravel.We have the ideal set up with 140 acres of high desert Rocky Mountain terrain for your horse to optimize not only his hoof health but over all well being. The perfect place for horses to recover from founder and other pathologies. Full service care is $500 a month.


 Horsemanship Training

 Lynn St. Peter is available to work with horses in the rehab program. Lynn uses Ray Hunt and Buck Brannman's methods to help the horse be a reliable and trustworthy partner. She has taught horsemanship for years and continues to do so on a limited basis. She has studied with many of the best horseman including Jack Brainard, Buck Brannaman, Melanie Fleming, Steve Byrne, USDF Silver Medalist Josh Coleman, USDF Bronze Medalist Ruth Hurst, Eddo Hoekstra, and  Kathleen Sullivan as well as many others. Lynn is currently studying dressage with Wendy Lanham of Wellington, CO. Lynn has references available upon request, or you are welcome to come watch her work with her personal horses. Price is determined per horse and the owner's needs.